A Bride Offers Guests Savings

wedding_moneyWhen we requested money-saving tips for wedding guests, we didn't expect to hear from… a bride!

But like many practical women, this reader believes in creative thinking—especially when guests can't afford $150 place settings, and there are more important things the happy couple needs.

For better or worse, thoughts from a bride:

  • Details, details. Offer to supply one of the wedding essentials: ceremony arrangements or centerpieces, the wedding cake knife and server, champagne flutes for the toast, etc.

    From the bride, "Personally, I'm stressing about how much all the details will cost. I'd be thrilled with one less gift off the 'list' if someone would offer to take care of some of these."

  • The gift of time. Offer to help out on the wedding day with set-up and clean-up. It's free for you, and a load off the bride and groom and their families, who just want to enjoy the moment.
  • Connect the dots. If you have the connections—and the happy couple agrees before you ask—work out a discount for them, on catering, photography, the cake, etc.

Money-savers from other veteran guests:

  • See if a registry gift is available on clearance.
  • Pick your own digs; the hotel suggested by the couple is rarely the cheapest.
  • Don't attend the shower and the wedding, if you can't swing it.

Bottom line
A wedding is a joyous time, and what every couple wants are happy memories of that day—not for guests to feel financially stressed.

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