Stop Wasting Time on Things That Will Never Make You Money

time is money

Fact check
It drives me crazy when I talk to entrepreneurs who are stubbornly attached to projects, ideas, services, blogs—without a clear path to meaningful results or revenue.

Yes, commitment is required to be successful. I’m just concerned that some of you (entrepreneurs in particular) are misdirecting your energy into activities that don’t produce results.

I should know, I’ve been there. About a year ago, I was fixated on winning Divine Caroline’s “Love This Website” award. I was convinced that going all out for this award would put DailyWorth on the map and result in a tsunami of traffic.

We asked all of you, dear readers, to vote for us repeatedly over a three-month period. The net net, after all that time and effort? Virtually no measurable results, no surge in traffic, nada.

Bottom line: It was a giant waste of time.

Know the value of your time
I did learn one invaluable lesson, however: Time really is money, and if the time you are putting into a project, product or marketing effort isn’t yielding a measurable return or a clear path to results—cut your losses and move on, or reconsider your tactics.

Bragging rights: How has a change of direction boosted your project, job hunt or business?