Holiday Weekend Spending Alert!

woman american flag

Holiday weekends wreak havoc with people's budgets. (Did you need another swimsuit? No. Did you buy one? Yes.)

But there's particular spending hazard to beware of during the Fourth of July weekend.

  1. Yard sales?
  2. Excessive flip flop purchases?
  3. Pedicures?
  4. Tiki torches?

Guess again. Your big budget buster this weekend is as American as apple pie and fireworks. That's right…

Starting Memorial Day weekend, beer sales start to soar, according to the 2009 Beverage Alcohol Review. Sales skyrocket to their peak during the week of July Fourth, to about $340 million.

We're not trying to be the buzz kill at your picnic—just sayin' that spending hazards lurk in funny places. So spend moderately (drink responsibly) and have a Happy Fourth!

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