Save on What You’re Already Buying

offermatic_imgLet’s say you’re a Target shopper who gets the occasional mani-pedi, subscribes to Oprah magazine, and buys rice milk by the case. (Sounds like Amanda, doesn’t it?)

Enter Offermatic—a money-saving service that bills itself as the “freak love child of Mint, Groupon and Blippy.”

Spend ‘n’ save
Offermatic tracks your spending (via debit or credit card)—then sends you discount coupons based on your unique spending habits—between 50% to 90% off.

Offermatic spots your shopping preferences, and searches its database for discounts for those stores, products or services. See how it works.

Similar to money trackers like Mint, Offermatic downloads your transactions securely—and doesn’t have access to your account numbers.

Bank on this
You have to shop, so you might as well save while you’re at it. We recommend that you check out Offermatic.

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