ATPT, Episode 5 – Julie Takes Control

soap opera

After her night cap with Mr. Bond, Julie returns home and Skypes with her best friend, Cristina.

Cristina: But who IS this guy? And why are you letting him tell you what to do with your money?

Julie: I’m not ‘letting him’ do anything! He works in finance, and I think he’s right that the markets are too volatile right now.

Cristina: Yeah, try telling that to Aaron. God knows what Mr. Day Trader is doing with our money

Julie: You mean, you don’t know where your retirement is invested?

Cristina: Well, Aaron always says he has it under control.

Julie: Wait, weren’t you just warning me not to let someone else—

Cristina: That Bond guy is a stranger—at least Aaron is my husband!

Julie: So what? Look what happened when I let Jack run the show all those years.

During her lunch break, Julie is filling out forms. Her boss, Karen, peeks over her shoulder.

Karen: So you’re throwing your money down the company pit.

Julie: [furious] Karen, excuse me while I set up my retirement plan?

Karen: [snatches the form] Oh my God! An emerging markets bond fund! What did you do, close your eyes and point?

Julie: [snatches it back] FNMIX is a four-star fund from Fidelity. And I think investing outside this country is smart right now!

Karen: You have four more hours. Don’t make a rash decision!

The End? Not quite. In fact, we want you to tell US how the final episode of ATPT will go. The winning plot will become next week’s conclusion.

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