To-Borrow… To-Borrow… We Love Ya, To-Borrow…

If only I had a…
You need a 20-foot ladder to paint your gutter, a jogging stroller while you work off baby weight, or a projector for outdoor-movie-night.

Why drop a $100 on something you'll only use briefly, when you can borrow or rent it instead?

Try NeighborGoods.

Unlike FreeCycle, the great giveaway site, NeighborGoods is all about the share:

  • Sign up with your zip or connect with Facebook Connect
  • List stuff you're willing to lend, rent or sell on the cheap (a cordless drill, baby shoes, lawnmower, etc.).
  • NeighborGoods connects you with folks nearby who have what you need

It just makes sense
While there are many cases where it does make sense to buy, when it doesn't, we vote to borrow.

(Note that they just launched a month ago, so there might not be a lot in your area—yet. Luckily, it's easy to invite friends to join.)

Check out NeighborGoods.

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