4 Top Cash-Back Cards

chase-cardYou hear about cash-back cards all the time—but which ones deliver the goods? These four cards deliver the most buck for your bang. But remember: As with most rewards cards, you MUST pay your balance in full and on time each month or get hit with steep late fees and interest rates.

  1. Chase Freedom
    You earn an unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases, and 5% cash back on rotating categories of purchases like gas, groceries, travel, and more (a quarterly maximum applies). No annual fee.
  2. Discover More
    This is a great cash back card—but it requires patience. You can earn 5% cash back (up to a maximum), but it does so in rotating categories (hence the need for patience). It also gives you up to 1% cash back on many other purchases—unlimited! Read the fine print. No annual fee.
  3. Blue Cash from American Express
    Hey, big spenders—this is the card for you! Charge less than $6,500 per year and Blue Cash offers 1% cash back on purchases at supermarkets, drug stores and gas stations and 0.5% cash back on all other items. Spend more than $6,500 in a year and earn 5% cash back on those three categories—and 1.25% on other items. Rewards are unlimited. No annual fee.
  4. Capitol One No Hassle Cash Rewards
    No hassle indeed: You get 2% cash back on gas and grocery purchases and 1% on all other purchases—and the rewards are unlimited. The card has an annual fee that varies according to your credit score.

Remember to choose a card that complements your spending habits (e.g. big grocery buyers should go for a card with a nice kick-back on groceries); has no or a low annual fee and doesn’t severely restrict the cash rewards. Comparison shop at creditcards.com.

Talk back. What's your favorite rewards card?

Catey Hill is the money editor for the New York Daily News online and the author of "Shoo, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More."