Going Back to School—Worth It or Not?

back to school - is it worth it?

You’ve been toying with the idea for years: To go back to school and do what you REALLY want.

We asked over a dozen people who made that leap to tell us: Was it worth the time and money?

Overall, the answer was a resounding yes. Yet most people reported that what they gained wasn’t always what they were expecting.

Right on the money

Fifteen years after completing his Bachelors, Manohar Shintre invested $80,000 in an MBA and couldn’t be happier. “I recouped the money I spent within three years of getting my degree.”

The surprise:

“I’m more satisfied with my life because I finally took care of the nagging feeling that I need to do more, to push myself harder—not for the sake of the higher earnings, but for the sake of my own continuous growth.”

The long search

Best-selling author Caroline Miller spent years after college starting a non-profit, raising a family—and seeking her next move.

The surprise:

She found it two decades later in the field of Applied Positive Psychology. One year, one Masters and $45,000 later, Miller is the author of “Creating Your Best Life,” and says, “I am a better person, friend, wife, coach, mother and mentor because of this life-altering year.”

An accidental passion

Brandon Peele “went back to B-school for traditional reasons,” he says.

The surprise:

He was diverted by a course in Creativity and Personal Mastery. “It totally changed my life and continues to do so,” says Peele, who now teaches and coaches in that field.