A Make-or-Break Handshake

handshakeCatey Hill is the author of "Shoo, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More."

Want to land that job? Start with the right handshake—it’s one of the first things a job interviewer will notice, and could set you up for success versus a scoot back to square one.

Researchers at University of Manchester in England studied what makes a great—and not-so-great shake.

Here’s what they uncovered:

Great shakes

  1. Give a firm—but not too firm—squeeze using your right hand.
  2. Offer about three shakes using a medium level of vigor.
  3. Shake no longer than three seconds.
  4. Make sure your palms are cool and dry.
  5. Accompany the handshake with these actions: eye contact, a warm smile, and an appropriate verbal statement, such as your full name and, “Nice to meet you.”

“A soft handshake can indicate insecurity, whilst a quick-to-let-go handshake can suggest arrogance," added Dr. Geoffrey Beattie, a researcher on the study.

Don't sweat it
What are the biggest handshake “don’ts”?

  1. Sweaty palms
  2. Loose grip or limp wrist
  3. Gripping too hard
  4. Not making eye contact
  5. Shaking too vigorously

It's worth brushing up on your handiwork: 56% of people say they’ve been the recipient of an unpleasant handshake within the last month. Don't let a bum shake ruin your job prospects.

Hand it over. What's your favorite job interview tip?

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