Beauty and the Budget

piggy_beautyIf beauty products routinely blow holes in your budget, learn to shop smart (and cover those bare essentials).

Samples, Please
Shop sites and stores that are generous with samples, like Sephora,, and It pays to try products before you buy (and keep a stash for travel).

Steal the Deals
Coupon sites like Dealigg, CouponSuzy and RetailMeNot feature gorgeous deals, steals, coupons and codes that'll save you BIG money on products and shipping. Blogs like the Budget Babe and Mr. Cheap Stuff deliver chic on the cheap.

Become a Homemaker
Spend less and look stunning by using ingredients you already have at home, like honey, raw sugar, eggs, yogurt and olive oil. Get recipes at, or create a DIY home spa. Hint: No hormone-disturbing parabens!

Kick It Old School
There's a reason why Vaseline, Dove Soap and Ponds Cold Cream are still around. They work—and they're super cheap! A tube of Vaseline costs $3, lasts forever and works wonders on crow's feet. Ditto for Ponds, which removes makeup in a flash.

Don't blush. How do you save big on beauty?

Heather Allard is a mother of three and mom entrepreneur behind The Mogul Mom, where this piece originally appeared.