Earn $50 Writing for DailyWorth

woman at desk

Really? Yes. We are looking for women who are willing to:

  1. make a substantive financial change for the better, and…
  2. blog about their experiences here on DailyWorth.

Apply now for consideration. Between three and five candidates will be selected for the fall.

That's right – we want to pay you
If you have been planning to embark on a major financial change, this could be the moment you've been waiting for. We will pay you $50 per post, for up to three posts that chronicle your financial progress in the coming months.

AND we'll provide a coach who will work with you to answer questions, provide guidance and, of course, the occasional… you know.

For example, let's say you're planning to get married and you want to combine your finances with your beloved. Or you're job hunting and you want to land the best salary possible. How do you go about it?

We provide the advice of a qualified pro who can walk you through the steps; you blog about your experience, in three installments, paying $50 each.

Bring on the ideas
We're open to almost any goal or project (buying life insurance; starting a 529; saving for a house; starting your business, etc.). And like the posts you've seen by Kenia, Caitlin and Danielli, your chronicles will be featured on DailyWorth as Personal Accounts.

Interested? Apply for consideration here, and we will select the bloggers next week.

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