Step 5: Unclog the Gift Backlog

Amanda Steinberg is the founder of DailyWorth.

gift_redboxMy friends send me the best presents on my birthday. Last year Heather sent me a hula hoop.

Sadly for them—they have ME in their lives.

Every year I resolve to be the best gift-giver (or at least send a CARD), but as the date approaches I start to spin.

What should I buy? How much can I really afford to spend? Oy – where did I write down their mailing address?

Then, I go into a coma. I wish this wasn’t how I am, but it is. I’m a walking backlog of gifts I’ve been meaning to give.

Now, in honor of the holiday weekend, I have resolved to overcome my inertia, do a labor of love, and send a few gifts. I’m going to check out Etsy (Etsians: give me some ideas), keep my eyes peeled for end-of-summer Farmer’s Market treats—and mail a few gifts.

It’s the kind of spending that pays big, warm, fuzzy dividends on all sides (and you can’t say that about the stock market).

If you missed a recent birthday, make someone’s day and send them a present, even if their birthday was last March.

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