Release Your Limiting Beliefs

370_savingWhen times are tough we tend to engage in a lot of fearful chatter.

We replay limiting beliefs such as, “I can’t ask for a raise now.” Or, “I can’t make a career shift in times like these.”

This fearful chatter is helping neither your peace of mind nor your bank account.

Fearful, limiting beliefs block your inner guide (or "~ing" as I call it) and prevent you from creating positive financial outcomes, blinding you to opportunities.

Try this three step process for releasing fear and add more ~ing to your finances.

Step One: Identify your limiting beliefs by listening to the fear-driven messages in your mind. What limits are you buying into: "I can't get ahead"; "I'll always be broke"; "There's never enough"?

Step Two: Release the chatter. Kick off each day with the affirmation, “Today I choose to release my limiting beliefs and stay positive about my finances.” Then, if a self-sabotaging message pops up, recognize it for what it is. Let it go.

Step Three: Forgive. Our fearful mind loves to compare. When you perceive your finances as better than or worse than someone else's, you're creating a negative dynamic within the relationship—and in your earning capacity. So throw down an F bomb and forgive. Forgiveness will clear space to receive clarity and more ~ing.

What limiting belief can you release right now?

Gabrielle Bernstein is a motivational speaker and author of "Add More ~ing To Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness."