Phone Savings on Target

cellphone_shoppingTarget is making it easier for you to offload old phones and video games with a new trade-in program that we just read about (thanks for the tip, Barbara Weltman).

The good news: They take old iPhones, iPods, cell phones and video games—and give you up to $200, depending on the item and its condition.

The bad news: You can't get cash. You only receive a store credit for… no, not K-Mart… no, not Ben & Jerry's… that's right—Target.

But this little bulletin raises an important point: What's the best way to trade-in old electronics anyway?

Our pals over at Techlicious offer some guidance. They recommend getting an online estimate of what your item is worth at BuyMyTronics, and—and shopping around to find the best deal.

Leave a message. What's your experience with trade-ins?