Cut It Out

budget_cutThey lurk in every budget—monthly bills and fees for services and memberships and accounts you no longer use.

Whatever it is, celebrate Cut It Out Day… and C.I.O. that dead weight now. (You're in good company: The whole DailyWorth team has confessed that all kinds of crazy crap is crowding their budgets. Not anymore.)

Where to hunt:

  • On your bank and credit card statements
  • Among the uncategorized expenses in your or online budget register.

What they look like:

  • A defunct email account
  • Hosting for a now-dead url
  • Overpriced (and useless) credit monitoring
  • Memberships you've dropped
  • Services you can (and do) live without
  • An item you've planned to return but haven't
  • Anything that bills you in increments of $9.99

What to do:

Call customer service and say, "I've just got to cut it out."

Then multiply that monthly fee by 12 and congratulate yourself on putting that much more money in your budget.

Weigh in. What did you cut out?

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