Ask for a Raise – A Systematic Approach

woman_stairsSo you want a raise, but you dread asking for it. Who can blame you?

Most normal humans—especially the females of the species—would rather extract a couple of molars with a socket wrench than negotiate for more pay, studies show.

Enter, an online service that uses your personal details to generate a custom written raise request for just $20—and guarantees results within six months, or your money back.

GetRaised also offers a free salary assessment tool, to find out where your salary stacks up in relation to national averages.

We have to admit, we were skeptical. A custom raise request in writing? How effective can that be?

Potentially quite powerful, research shows—especially for women. That's because you're reframing what used to be a negotiation as a request. By submitting a preliminary letter about your request, you're more likely to follow through with a meeting to discuss it. And GetRaised talks you through those steps, too, with tips and guidelines.

Whether you submit the letter or go straight to a meeting, having a document acts as a factual roadmap, methodically listing the points to cover when asking for a raise, as well as how much you want, based on market rates, which GetRaised provides.

"Many people ask for raises in an emotional way—'I really feel I should get paid more'—this puts it in more quantitative terms," says GetRaised's behavioral psychologist, Matt Walleart.

Check out GetRaised and let us know what happens.

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