Battling Holiday Spending Expectations


How much can my family afford to spend on gifts this year? Not as much as in years past.

Due to the financial pressures that come with growing a small business (DailyWorth just passed 50,000 women members—love to you all!), we’re being cautious with our spending. Businesses, even as they reach tens of thousands of people, eat money. Munch munch munch.

My family has an annual gift exchange. On my list of four giftees, two are boys under age three. My four year-old son has about 80 trucks and super hero toys he wouldn’t miss. If they’re in great condition, can’t we regift a couple?

Despite my low-key, accepting family who won’t judge whatever we choose to do, I feel internal pressure to present freshly bought tchotchkes from ToysRUs because that’s what we’ve done for generations.

Sure I play a revolutionary on the Interwebs, but can I be one within my own family?

I have about $200 worth of presents sitting in Target, Etsy and shopping carts, but I can’t bring myself to hit the “Buy” button.