Thanks to YOU

As we all scramble to wrap things up before the holiday weekend, we want make sure that all the things we’re grateful for don’t get lost in the cranberry sauce.

First and foremost, let’s all give thanks for signs of sanity in our beleaguered economy.

70% of Americans say they’re going to use available cash or debit cards this holiday season, not credit.

Personal savings in the U.S., by some measures, has increased to almost 6% this year.

DailyWorth subscriptions are on the rise!

But seriously, we are thankful that in this crazy economy so many of you are taking charge of your finances, one steady step at a time.

Spending less. More than 8,000 DailyWorth readers clicked through to the holiday budget planner.

Saving big. Our most popular post this fall was about small but smart budget cuts: “Cut It Out.” Way to take action!

Investing more. More than 17,000 of you have signed up for our bi-weekly investing newsletter, which starts in January. (Interested? Sign up now!)

Last, a big thanks to The Money Fix team of brave women—and top money experts—who have brought a wealth of inspiration to all of us this fall, during the series’ inaugural season.

Wishing you all the best,

Amanda, MP, Hilary, Jen, and the rest of the DailyWorth team