What a team. What a team.

I have more to be thankful for than words can express. But I’m going to try:

I am thankful for DailyWorth readers who, despite life pressures, read DailyWorth and do their darnedest to create financial change in their lives.

I am thankful for my husband David who supports me day and night even as I exhibit unattractive workaholic tendencies.

I am thankful for Jen Boulden, my chief advisor, who despite my stubbornness and act-before-I-think way of doing business, sticks with me as I take one step back before two steps forward. I am thankful for David Ronick, my first advisor and continious shoulder to lean on. Would I be here without you? Probably not. Do I want to be here without you? Absolutely not. I am thankful for Peter Genuardi,  now VP of Strategy at Soapbxx, and the patience of his wife Olga, as Peter works 70 hour weeks to ensure Soapbxx’s success.

I am thankful for MP Dunleavey, DailyWorth’s editor, whose brilliance and wit keep so many readers engaged amidst overflowing inboxes.

I am thankful for Hilary Fetter, our marketing director, whose scientific approach to marketing has made DailyWorth the sheer force that it is today.

I am thankful for Jen Lee, our producer, who creates DailyWorth every day with such heart and focus, despite endless last minute changes.

I am thankful for our investors who see the possibility of women’s financial empowerment reaching millions of women.

I am thankful for movers and shakers like Gabrielle Bernstein, Ramit Sethi and the folks at ForbesWomen who carry our message with such enthusiasm. I am thankful for DailyWorth–such a joy to operate every day. Love to everyone. ~Amanda

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