The Best Last-Minute Gift


You’re out of ideas, almost out of money, and there’s little chance you can get anything shipped by Christmas Eve now anyway.

Before you resort to regifting, there is a smart, affordable surprise you can have ready at the click of a mouse.

It’s something almost everyone needs… and few people have…

A personal or professional website, fully designed and hosted and ready to rip—complete with url—for just $29.99, by

Your 2.0 gift even comes wrapped for the holidays! Just click on ElsePage’s 30-second demo video to see how it works.

Then sit back and drink some egg nog, because your holiday shopping is now complete.

Speaking of festive beverages, the DailyWorth team plans to take a few days to relax. We’ll see you next week!

Last chance. Share your last-minute gift ideas here!

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