Game Plan 2011: Your Money Planner

keep calm eat a cupcakeAs you nail down your financial game plan for 2011, what you need first is a realistic spending plan for the whole year.

How on earth can you possibly predict your entire budget for the next 12 months?

Try the DailyWorth Money Planner: a spreadsheet we’ve designed that operates on the premise that you can anticipate most of your yearly spending right now.

Download it here

Here’s how it works:

Enter your fixed monthly expenses at the top (e.g. mortgage; phones; utilities; car payment; insurance, etc.). Also include regular expenses that vary somewhat, i.e. gas and groceries, by using a ballpark figure.

Now, think through the coming year, and note any events (birthdays, graduations, weddings) and expenses (from new brakes to ballet lessons) that are looming. Call your mom or text your spouse for reminders.

Whenever possible, note all the associated costs, including gifts, travel, supplies, co-pays, etc. And think about timing. If you have to fly to Tulsa in August for Gram and Grampy’s 50th, you probably have to buy tickets in May or April.

The DailyWorth Money Planner will inspire you to save ahead—and regulate your day-to-day spending so your cash covers all your needs.

Download the DailyWorth Money Planner.  

Plan it. What are your top three unexpected expenses in 2011?

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