Amanda Waxes Eloquent About Beauty Costs

Im all bare soap

I grew up believing that you went to a salon for your hair, for your nails, for all sorts of (cough) basic womanly maintenance.

I never questioned that my monthly beauty budget was more than most people spend in a year—sometimes as much as $300 (including highlights)!

Although I never thought I’d become one of the DIY crowd for my nails or hair or anything else, this is one area where my spending expectations needed a drastic overall, as I described in my post about becoming a financial grown-up.

And I’m thrilled to report that in the past year, I’ve become quite the skilled at-home esthetician.

My biggest breakthrough, just recently, was the successful removal of superior lateral ancillary follicular matter, using the ancient method of a melted paraffin-like product.

Yes, I waxed.

Was it painful? No worse than when a stranger wielding a popsicle stick does it, let me tell you.

And knowing that I’m going to save about $100 a month made the experience that much sweeter (hey, I’m of Russian heritage, it’s a big job.)

Share your secrets. How do you save on pampering and grooming?

photo source: cindydevore’s shop on etsy

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