A Money Book with Fresh Advice. No Really.


I loathe most personal finance books. Typically they’re dull and preachy, and they all seem to cover the same ground.

So you can imagine my relief—and delight—to read “The Real Cost of Living“, by our own Money Fix expert, Carmen Wong Ulrich.

It’s fresh. Rather than following the snoozy formula of many books that advise you to track your expenses and freeze your credit cards in a Ziploc baggie, Ulrich explores the true costs of our day-to-day lives, from chapters on “The Real Cost of Home” to “The Real Cost of Being Your Own Boss.”

By couching her advice in down-to-earth contexts, Ulrich helps you think through various real-life financial issues and the decisions you need to make.

It’s a hoot. Ulrich is a frank and funny gal, as fans of her Today show spots and CNBC show know—and she keeps up that cheeky tone in every section.

“I hate to floss my teeth,” she writes at the opening of one chapter,  before jumping into the long-term expenses that can result from many unhealthy habits like overeating, smoking and even excessive caffeine consumption.

Ulrich’s tone is personal, but the information is solid. Read on!

What’s your title? Tell us about a new money book you’re reading and loving.

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