Return It Already

  • By MP Dunleavey
  • January 12, 2011

returning-giftsYes, it’s time for that annual post-holiday tradition we all dread:

Deal with your returns and exchanges, or die trying.

According to a DailyWorth study of rumors, guesses and human nature, you probably have the following items already gathering dust in some closet:
Gifts you received but didn’t like. Gifts that didn’t fit. Gifts you meant to give, but didn’t, for some silly reason. Stuff you bought for yourself in a mad impulse, as you were swinging through the mall—and now you regret it.
Now is the time, before the 30-day window closes, to get that stuff into the mail—or in the trunk of your car, headed back to the store. Think how much money you’ll save.

Here’s your post-holiday Return It Guide. Print and keep it for next year, too.
Map out at least 2 hours to deal with returns and exchanges. Hint: Saturday is coming. Sort returns into three piles: to be mailed; to be returned to a store; needs special attention (i.e. there’s no gift receipt, or some other hitch). Call a girlfriend who needs to make returns, too, and make a Return Date.
Who says personal finance ain’t romantic?

Exchange ideas. What’s your best advice for making the most of holiday returns?
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