‘Spousonomics’ May Save Your Marriage


Can classic economic models forever quash senseless arguments, restore that first-time romance and rev up your sex life?

Who knows! But economics sure can make your marriage a happier place, say the authors of “Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage, and Dirty Dishes.

This funny, sexy new book is packed with riveting real-life stories of couples on the brink of killing each other (is there anything juicier?)—who manage to reclaim marital harmony by applying economic concepts to their domestic strife.

Like what, you say?

Consider the Hot-Cold Empathy Gap.

Every time you and your spouse bicker over bills, you vow to get a serious spending plan together. Tonite.

Then you get sucked into reruns of “Glee.” And the budget slips to last place. Again.

That’s because when you’re riled up, it’s easy to focus on the need for a solution. When you cool off, there’s little incentive to run all those boring numbers.

Solution: Create “commitment devices” that help you stick to your goal. Cancel Netflix until the budget is done, or make a one-hour appointment with a local accountant to get moving. If one spouse is dragging his heels (ahem), hide his credit cards until financial teamwork is restored.

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