Vanguard Asks DailyWorth: How Can We Better Serve Women?


I have some exciting news. Last Friday, MP (DailyWorth’s editorial director) and I were invited to speak at the Vanguard company headquarters in Valley Forge, PA.

The occasion: Vanguard, one of the leading investment companies in America, the steward of some 10 million household accounts (including some 3.5 million company retirement accounts), wanted to hear our thoughts about how to reach out to female investors.

First, I’d like you to stand in my JC Penney boots for a second. When I started DailyWorth—as concerned about the state of my own finances as I was about other women’s—I never dreamed that MP and I would stand in front of 250 Vanguard employees, describing our research and insights on women and investing.

Second, I never imagined the enthusiasm that would greet our presentation.

As we all know, and yet another report on women and retirement this month shows, women lag behind men in both overall savings and lack of confidence in their ability to invest.

The urgent question now is what to do about that. How can we change the path that women are on, and boost our confidence as investors so that we can enjoy financial security as we age?

We have many thoughts—but we would really like to hear yours:

What would you tell Vanguard (or heck, the entire financial community) about how, specifically, they can better serve women, and help women build long-term wealth? Share your ideas with Vanguard below.

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