Know Your Wealth

A Penny Saved Is A Penny EarnedOK, so why are we here? To build net worth, a.k.a. Wealth. That’s our mission and, from what we gather via reader mail, it’s yours too.

Inspired by America Saves Week, Feb. 20-27, let’s embark on a wealth-building plan. Start by getting comfortable with the big W.

Do you think of yourself as wealthy?

Do you think of your assets as “your wealth”?

Does the word “wealth” make you uncomfortable, or do you think it applies only to other people?

Have you ever looked at yourself through the eyes of someone who has much less? Who might consider you wealthy?

Next, assess your net worth by using the Personal Wealth estimator from the America Saves site. It takes only a minute to estimate your assets and liabilities—and the results may surprise you.

It’s tempting to say, There’s a lot more to life than chasing after money!

But sometimes women use that idea as an excuse for not taking their earning and saving seriously.

So, seriously, what are you going to do this year to limit your liabilities (i.e. debt) and grow your savings (i.e. wealth)?

We like Tavis Smiley’s advice from his grandpa: “Make all you can, can all you can, then sit on your can.”

Get rich. Tell us about your wealth-building plan.

photo source: cjprints’ shop on etsy

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