Just Released: Pull Yourself Together with Manilla

If “going paperless” with all your bills and statements has still left you in a state of organizational chaos, you may need Manilla.

A new online management system for the 2.0 household, Manilla is like having a mail sorter, filing cabinet and bulletin board merged together.

Instead of getting dozens of email alerts and logging in to six different places to download or view statements—you just get them all in one place, with one easy-to-use dashboard.

No more scrambling to find the utility bill, no more “accidentally deleting” your 401k statement. You can check accounts, see when payments are due and set your own reminder system. Manilla still has limitations. Some big companies like Chase and Time Warner Cable won’ t be linked for a couple months, and you can’t link your student loan accounts yet.

But Manilla could be that extra nudge your budget needs to stay on track.

Pull it together. Manilla is offering 50 early passes to DailyWorth readers today. Just enter Manilla4DailyWorth to sign up.
Test-drive it and give us your feedback in the comments.