Burned Out on Fuel Costs?

Out of Gas - Fine Art photographGas is up to $3.57 per gallon, nationally, with no relief in sight. While you can’t avoid the pump, you can maximize every gallon. Here, some tips and apps to prevent you from runnin’ on empty.

Auto experts at Edmunds.com tested some old road tricks and found these big gas savers.

Brake less. Hard stops and speedy starts burn through fuel, so ease up on that lead foot to save an average of 31%.

Slow down. Stick to the speed limit and reduce gas consumption by about 12%.

Cruise around. Using cruise control on longer trips saves 7% on average.

Shut down. “Just running into the store”? If it’s more than 60 seconds, turn off the engine and save up to 20%.

And while you’re (not) idling, download these gas-saving apps:

GasBuddy and Cheap Gas let users upload gas prices—use them to find the cheapest gallon wherever you are. (iPhone and Android, free)

GasHog (iPhone, $1) and Mileage (Android, free) make it easy to track your fuel economy—no math required.

Last, some grocery stores partner with gas stations, and give customers steep discounts off the per-gallon price—and in some cases, the discount grows, the more you shop at that store during a given time period.

Efficiency rules. How are you coping with high gas prices?

photo source: Katalystphotos’ shop on etsy

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