Avoid That Spending Avalanche

AvalancheHave you ever bought a pair of gorgeous new heels that somehow mysteriously forced (forced!) you to buy a snazzy new dress to match? Followed by lipstick—or a handbag? Hmmm?

If you’re nodding your head (or glancing guiltily at the DSW box in the corner), you’ve been the victim of a spending avalanche.

Typically, a spending avalanche does offer some warning, usually a small rumble when you bring home, say, a pretty new throw pillow for the couch… followed by pervasive discontent. That throw pillow looks great. In fact, a little too fab against your humble furnishings.

Maybe you need a new rug, some picture frames—a coffee table to do justice to your life-changing cushion! Yes, you cry, running to log onto Overstock.com, YES!

A spending avalanche does have an upside. Once you’ve suffered through one (and the accompanying credit card bill), you can recognize the tell-tale signs before the next one starts. A delicious acquisition followed by merciless critique of self, wardrobe or home leading to unhealthy retail impulses.

So the next time you’re contemplating those sky-high strappy sandals, remember how quickly that purchase can snowball—and how hard it is to escape an avalanche in four-inch stilettos.

Come clean. When have you been slammed by a sudden spending avalanche?

photo source: travelandnature's shop on etsy

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