3 Ways to Handle a Destination Wedding

Deposit - Bahamas Passport Save the Date (Traditional U.S. Seal)So your best friend is throwing her dream wedding, and you’re invited. Cool! The only problem? It’s in Cabo San Lucas: about 2,300 miles and $3,465 from where you live.

What now?

Whether you decide to attend or not, there are polite ways to handle the financial hurdles.

If you can’t make it… “Couples know the risk of a destination wedding is losing guests who can’t afford to travel,” says Alison Hotchkiss, author of Destination Wedding Planner. In fact, some couples pick far-off locales to keep the guest list small.

If you can’t attend, show your support with a send-off brunch or an offer to help prep for the big day. (Don’t think you have wedding skills? Read this.)

If you can attend, but it’s a stretch… Is a big wedding gift still required? No. Given the expense of the trip, the couple isn’t expecting a big gift too, Hotchkiss says. Get them something inexpensive from their registry, or craft a cool wedding-friend album for $25 or less (on most photo sites).
If you’re not sure… Many destination weddings are package deals, and often some guest costs are covered. If the details in the invite (or on the wedding website) aren’t clear, contact the resort to find out your all-in costs.

All aboard! How could the happy couple make their destination wedding easier on guests?

photo source: beyonddesign's shop on etsy