A Bright Idea About Spending

homeNot long ago, I was closing my bedroom window when I knocked my lamp off the bedside table for the hundredth time. It clattered to the ground as the bulb busted and the lampshade flew off.

I wanted to scream.

The lamp was a hand-me-down from a friend, and it annoyed me from the start, with its thin shade and rickety base.

Yet I was forced to rely on it every morning to get dressed, and every night when reading in bed. It was like a bad roommate. The one who ruins your quality of life, just being there—and eating your cereal and not admitting it.

Why not dump the lamp, tell it to move out? For over a year I’d told myself it would be frivolous to buy a new lamp when I already had a working one.

Plus, I’d just emerged a period of being, well, embarrassingly broke.

But my period of austerity was behind me. And the following day, when I went to Target for socks and eyeliner, I had a light-bulb moment: Target sells lamps!

I shoved aside months of restraint and made a break for the lamp aisle, staring misty-eyed at the array of mix-and-match styles.

I picked out a black base with a cool, twisty design, and a rectangular white shade—for just $25 total. I’ve had bigger brunch tabs.

When I got home, and set it up (after slamming the old one in the trash, LeBron-style), I felt relieved, triumphant—and silly. Why had I been depriving myself of this little thing for so long?

Considering the actual cost (minimal) versus the gain (huge), I could have afforded to spend that money a lot sooner than I did.

Illuminate us. What small, silly things have you deprived yourself of—and why?

photo source: e-nidhi.com

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