Last-Second Tips for Tax Procrastinators

home You had three extra days to file your taxes, but now it’s April 18 and you’re risking the midnight scramble. Don’t let procrastination become panic—you still have options.

Going DIY? If your Adjusted Gross Income is less than $58,000, you can use the online IRS Free File option for your federal return. It’s bona fide, easy-to-use tax software provided at no cost by various tax software companies.
Googling around for online tax accountants? Stop—you’ll be vulnerable to identity theft. Online scammers posing as tax pros can take advantage of you when you’re desperate, says John Ams, executive vice president of the National Society of Accountants. Instead, find local CPAs through the NSA website, go through a professional organization, or ask friends for recs.
Too frazzled to make the cutoff? File Form 4868 to extend your deadline to October 17. But don’t do it just to put off a payment—the deadline for payments is still April 18, so you risk racking up penalties and interest on money you owe.
Worried you’ll make a mistake? Uncle Sam has your back—check out the IRS’s tips for last-minute filers.

Wrap it up. What are you going to do differently next year?

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