Don’t Be Caught Dead without this Estate Planner

Life OrganizerRecent force majeure tragedies—from the quake in Japan to the tornadoes in the South—remind us that we can’t let fear keep us from preparing for disasters and sudden life changes.

One way to conquer your anxiety is focus on the practicalities—and that’s where The Life Organizer, a new book by estate-planning expert Nancy Randolph Greenway, comes in.

The Life Organizer: The Essential Record Keeper and Estate Planner is a how-to guide meets filing cabinet. The three-ring binder is divided into eight sections that cover personal and emergency planning from all angles: from beneficiaries to insurances to wills, trusts and “Final Wishes.”

Greenway opens each section by explaining concepts and defining terms in delightfully plain English. What’s the difference between a living trust and an irrevocable trust? What happens in probate? How do you talk to your family about your will?

The Life Organizer is especially handy because it includes storage space. You can fill out the worksheets and use the folders to corral all your vital information. The book even comes with sample worksheets, so you know how to fill them out.

Given that you really won’t be there when you die, the next best thing is getting everything in order beforehand.

Being of sound mind… Do you have a plan to cover those worst-case scenarios?

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