Thoughts on Battles Won—and What’s Next

Woman with Binoculars It’s impossible not to think about the last 10 years.

What you were doing on 9/11…where you spent that traumatic day …and, inevitably, what has unfolded for you in the decade since.

Many of the ideals that were guiding you a decade ago have now expired. Some fell away. For one reason or another, you ditched certain dreams.

But you can proudly say that you've fought hard for many others—and won.

At this landmark time in American history (all politics aside, we can agree it’s a watershed moment), we want make sure that you take a few minutes to celebrate some of your battles as well.

The period now bracketed by September 11, 2001 and May 1, 2011, was a schizophrenic time, fraught with terrorism, market turmoil, and a credit craze and crash.

Now, here we are, scathed and unscathed. Unfathomably richer for what we’ve lived through.

It’s time to hit the refresh button, reload and look forward.

You can’t travel back in time to tell your younger self what you know now. But it’s pretty safe to say that between now and 2021, you will rack up many, many more gains.

Tell us, what will they be?

photo source: alicelily's shop on etsy