Top Job Hunting Gaffes to Avoid

Why Exactly Should I Hire YouPeter Shankman, founder of, delivers a peek inside the hiring process to see why candidates get eliminated.

The Statistics
After we posted a job recently, we received 481 resumes—33 of which were sent to the wrong email address, and immediately disqualified.

Duh #1: The company sets up a specific address because filters allow the hirer to review resumes together. If you don’t send yours there, it will be deleted because you can’t follow instructions. The time to be different is NOT now.

Of the 449 resumes that came to the right address, 184 of them came with no cover letter, no email subject line, and no context. We didn’t ask for a cover letter, but come on—nothing? That’s like a guy walking up to a girl in a bar and just screaming, “SEX!” It doesn’t work.

Duh #2: You need a cover letter. Make it short, direct and interesting.

Down to 265 resumes. Of those, 52 had one or more spelling or grammar errors (I’m not kidding). And two applicants were applying for jobs at a different company.

Duh #3: If you’re going to cut and paste, check your work first.

Resume count: 213. Next, we eliminated another 28 due to their email addresses. I don’t mean to be harsh, but poopypants17 (at) just doesn’t make a good first impression.

Duh #4: Get a real email address.

Bottom line: We were left with 185 resumes, and rejected more than half because of stupid, thoughtless mistakes.

It always comes back to this: We have to be smarter.

Peter Shankman’s original post ran on the HARO blog. You can also follow Peter on Twitter.

photo source: AbleandBaker's shop on etsy