3 Killer Debt Apps

When debt is the enemy, you need to mount a relentless assault.

Debt Quencher Debt Quencher—Should you pay down your debt with the lowest balance first, or the one with the highest interest rate? Enter your info into Debt Quencher and it’ll show you the difference—along with how much you could save by adding a few bucks to each monthly payment. You can make and print payment plans, too. ($4.99, iPhone & Mac)
Debt Pay Off Planner Debt Payoff Planner—Billed as one of the most downloaded apps by CNET, the D.P.P. also shows you different payment strategies, as well as letting you track your payments and view graphs that show you how much interest you’re paying and when you’ll be debt-free. Excel-friendly. ($0.99, Android)
Pay Off Debt Pay Off Debt—If you’re a fan of the so-called snowball method, popularized by Dave Ramsey, this app is for you. You decide which debt to tackle first, and the app gets your battle plan rolling from there. P.O.D. also comes with a “progress bar” so you can monitor each debt and stay motivated. ($2.99, iPhone, iPad, Android)

Face the enemy. What technique ditches debt the fastest?