Drive Down Car Costs With Spot Rentals

Fine Art Photograph - Skull Valley RoadYou’ve heard of Zipcar, but car-share options are multiplying around the world, with traditional guys like Hertz—and hyper-local companies—getting in on the act.

Expect to pay a one-time application fee of about $25, and an annual membership fee if you’re an occasional driver. The advantage over old-school outfits is that you can pay by the hour, the day, or the month—and the cost often covers gas (really), insurance, 180 free miles, and roadside assistance.

Zipcar Zipcar charges a $60 annual fee for the
“occasional” plan. Hourly and daily rates vary by location, starting at $7.50 per hour and $71 per day.
Zipcar’s frequent-driver plans involve monthly fees but lower rental rates. Locations: 50-plus cities and 100-plus college campuses.
DriveMint Mint’s occasional drivers pay no annual fee the first year and $40 per year after that. There are four frequent-driver plans, which start at $50 per month with no annual fees. Rental rates start at $4 per hour and $65 per day. Locations: New York and Boston.
Connect by Hertz Connect by Hertz has three plans depending on how often you drive. There’s no annual fee, but frequent drivers pay $50 or $125 monthly. Rates start at $6.80/hour and $52.70/day. Various locations in the U.S. and Europe, plus 46 college campuses.

Hit the gas. What do you love/hate about car shares?

photo source: Ffotograff's shop on etsy