Introducing AssetClass

Why start a new investing series on DailyWorth?

DailyWorth’s Amanda Steinberg and MP Dunleavey announce AssetClass.

Because over the years, we’ve heard countless stories like these:

Suzanne has $60,000 sitting in a money market account because she’s afraid to risk putting it into the market. How do you grow your money yet keep it safe?
Cheryl has quit her job to be home with the kids, and lost her retirement contributions with it. How can you balance extended time off without sacrificing your future security?
Nancy, recently divorced, will be retiring in 4 years and needs an estate plan for her 4 adult children. Where do you turn when you need complex financial advice?

The reality is that, as smart and hard-working as you are, it’s hard to rewire your routines to make enough room to tackle all those big financial questions.

And we feel the same way.

So we figured we’d better do something about it. For many women, becoming both comfortable and confident in the investing world is the final frontier. And we can’t do it alone.

So join us, Mondays and Wednesdays, for an extraordinary journey into prosperity and peace of mind.

Know your worth—now grow your worth.

Post your gains. What’s your number one investing question or dilemma? Our editors want to know.

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