When Strappy Sandals Mean More Than Style

Katie ShoesI bought a new pair of shoes recently.

Well, no—“shoes” isn’t really the right word. They deserve more than that. They’re black, strappy, slingback statement-makers with four-and-a-half-inch heels plus platforms. When I wear them I stand six-foot-two. I dwarf nearly all women and most men.

Now, I don’t normally spend $85 on torture devices. But this season’s spiky, strappy, platform-ed, sky-high shoes beckoned me. When I wear them, I throw my shoulders back. I feel Amazonian and even intimidating.

What is it about crazy shoes? Why do we tolerate the pain and shell out $85 or $300 or $600 for them? Yes, they make our legs look great. And they’re trendy.

But there’s something else.

They convey confidence and fearlessness. When you wear them, you have to be fine with being much taller than usual. You have to take long, graceful strides. You have to stand up straight. You have to be willing to step out of your sensible-pump comfort zone and embrace a little pain.

Is it a worthy endeavor? Or are we money-wasting fools to convince ourselves that shoes can make us feel sexier and more powerful?

Step up. Which shoes make you feel powerful?