Lessons from Mr. B’s Feminine Side

Warren BuffettNo one would dispute that billionaire Warren Buffett, often called the Oracle of Omaha, is one of the most successful investors of all time.

Yet the essential ingredients of Buffett’s investing philosophy have been overlooked until now, argues author Louann Lofton in her new, must-read book:

“Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl.”

Not only was Buffett himself tickled by the title (“I probably plead guilty,” he admitted, when Lofton asked for his response)—women investors should be thrilled.

Lofton, a former managing editor of the Motley Fool investing website, analyzed numerous studies of male and female investors—from their testosterone levels to trading patterns—to make a compelling case:

The very qualities that define how most women invest—careful scrutiny of companies they invest in, an aversion to frequent trading, patience—also reflect Buffet’s legendary buy-and-hold strategy.

That’s because profitable investing isn’t about IQ, Buffett believes, but about managing your emotions—and that’s something female investors are better at than men.

If you think that sounds like a flat-out contradiction of the stereotype of women being more volatile than men, you’d be right.

Men may dominate the trading floors, but women have the innate skills to make profitable investing decisions—just like a certain billionaire we know.

Now go forth, buy the book, and love your inner Buffett.

Lou and Warren
Louann Lofton with Warren Buffett

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