What Does It Mean to Have Money?

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I've been in business for myself for two and a half years. In that time, I've gone from covering my iced latte habit (extra ice, please!), to bringing in over $100,000—in less than a year.

As you can imagine, my relationship to money has been completely transformed in that time.

I grew up the daughter of a cop and a stay-at-home, single mom. And while my mom raised me with a great attitude towards money—saving for the future and investing in the things we loved—there was no such thing as "left over" cash.

Now I find myself facing a lot of questions. Chiefly, what do you do with that left over money?

It’s not as simple as upgrading my wardrobe, splurging on new furniture, or saving for a down payment on a house as might be expected.

It’s not about what I can consume with the extra money, but how I can use it.

Being a six-figure earner is completely outside of my experience. It’s not something I was prepared for growing up. Networking events, fancy parties, and corner offices never seemed like they were in the cards.

I’ve created a soft, pillowy cushion of cash to pay the bills. Now I feel a deep burning in my gut to invent a new goal for my money, outside of the standard middle-class blueprint.

Where can I look for direction and inspiration outside the consumption cycle? How can I use my money so that I look back with pride and not regret at opportunities missed?

I want to help create a world where visionaries, artists, and storytellers are in demand and on center stage. And I don’t mean this in some hippy-dippy way: Creative people are becoming the primary business innovators, according to some books I’m reading now.

But how do you continue to dream bigger with your time, energy, and, especially, money when you’ve reached the end of your experience?

How do you envision the next stage of investment when you’re in uncharted territory? How can I translate my vision into a plan when the next step feels so foreign?

I don’t want to stop growing, producing, and earning. I want more, more more—but I want to know what that money is going to do. I want to put it to good use for myself and for others and I don’t want conventional attitudes about money to dictate my choices.

Making more money is great. It answers a lot of questions—and creates a lot of baffling, exciting new ones.

Strike it rich. What’s the biggest income jump you ever had, and how did you use it?

Tara Gentile empowers passion-driven entrepreneurs to find the profit in producing the work of their true spirit.

photo source: drywell's shop on etsy

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