A Tool that Works All the Angles

woman with laptop on couchWith more than 4,000 personal finance websites out there, it’s tough to know where to turn for solid investing guidance.

Enter Kimberly Blanton, a researcher with the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. Her recent report sorts existing money sites into three categories:

data aggregators (like Mint.com)
decision aids (sites that offer tools or calculators)
financial communities

You can enjoy an overview of the whole report on The Portfolioist (a must-bookmark investing resource).

But for a fresh take on your investment and retirement plans, check out GoSimplifi.com, a top pick in the Financial Decision Aids category.

Unlike most other sites, GoSimplifi one gives you more flexibility in customizing your plan, so you can factor in big-picture lifecycle (and lifestyle) issues like home-buying, education, kids, and even vacations into your plan.

Investing successfully for the long-haul isn’t just a matter of your ROI, after all, but how well you can anticipate the different curves of your road map.

By walking you through the terrain ahead, GoSimplifi enables you to reassess investing and savings choices. If you really want X in your life, does it make sense to invest in Y?

The idea is to think big, so that ultimately you can live large.

Pull over. How is your road map changing the way you invest?

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