Sexier, Simpler Stock Picking

Stock Picks For ChicksYou’ve always been curious about picking stocks. But the standard advice is stick with mutual funds.

After all, mutual funds give you a lot of diversification for your money.

But given what populates most mutual funds (stocks!), it pays to understand how equities are valued and analyzed. (Or you may have an investment account already, but it needs some fine-tuning.)

The trouble is, some of us would rather change a tire than read about P/E ratios. Isn’t there a way to highlight the sexy side of stock-picking?

Funny you should ask! The Motley Fool has a new series called “Stock Picks With Chicks,” featuring senior analysts Dayana Yochim and Alyce Lomax.

This recent video about Timberland stock [TBL] offers some key guidance about stock-picking delivered with that special Motley Fool twist—which is to say, it’s engaging, informative and includes a falling tree. Need we say more?

Your pick. Have you bought individual stocks? Share your strategy—or questions.