DW’s First-Ever Money Day Off: How Are We Spending It?

Every weekend you vow to do your expense report, dispute that weird charge on your bank statement, or deal with some other annoying money chore.

But who wants to wrangle with money on the weekend? That’s why we created Money Day Off—a full day, or lunch hour (let’s be realistic) that you can use to focus on financial tasks.

And then enjoy that satisfying just-crossed-six-things-off-my-list feeling.

Amanda Steinberg, DailyWorth CEO
“The bank needs some pay stubs from me in order to finalize our refi, so I have to copy and send those.”
Time: 45 minutes
MP Dunleavey, Editor-in-Chief
“I’m canceling my unused Netflix subscription and I’m going to file at least some of my expenses. But first I have to find the receipts.”
Time: 1 hour
Hilary Fetter, Director of Marketing
“I plan to scan my April expense-report receipts—it’s fallen to the bottom of my to-do list. Then tackle May.”
Time: 30 minutes
Jen Lee, Account Manager
“I’m canceling my GoDaddy account—which, unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to use. I’m also going to customize my budget on Mint.”
Time: 30 minutes
Sara Rasmussen, VP of Sales
“I will roll over my old 401(k).”
Time: 20 minutes (hopefully)
Katie Karlson, Staff Writer
“I’m going to file invoices for all my freelance work. It’s silly not to do it—it just never feels pressing until I’m low on cash!”
Time: 25 minutes


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What money chore are you taking on today?

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