Don’t Skimp on These 5 Things

broken washing machineIt can be hard to admit in this discount culture, but sometimes a “bargain” is just a waste of money in disguise.

ShopSmart magazine did a recent roundup of products that aren’t worth the skimp:

Paint. A $10 gallon versus a $25 one may seem like a no-brainer, but ShopSmart’s testers say you won’t save much in the end. You’ll likely have to apply several coats, and the quality won’t hold up.
Refrigerators and freezers. It’s tempting to spend less on these big-ticket items. But when it comes to an appliance that runs 24/7, energy efficiency rules: Cheaping out will cost you when the electric bill comes due, ShopSmart says.
Canister vacuums. Minimize cleaning time and maximize power by spending at least $200. That’s the lowest price for a good canister vacuum, according to ShopSmart.
Fire protection. Aerosol alternatives to traditional fire extinguishers might look user-friendly (and wallet-friendly), but they’re much less effective. Don’t discount the serious stuff!
Gas grills. ShopSmart’s experts recommend looking for models with high-quality burners, stainless-steel grates and solid construction. The good ones start at $150—you’ll be making the neighborhood’s best burgers for years to come.

Pay up. Which products have you found aren’t worth skimping on?

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