What Camp Are You In?

Someone explain this to me: My son’s school closes today, June 14. Camp starts on June 27th. In case you’re in that post-lunch lull and can’t do math, that’s a gap of NINE WORKING DAYS.

What’s a working mom or dad supposed to do?

When I discovered the camp gap a couple of weeks ago (I’m not slow—this is my first summer with a school-age child), I shrugged it off.

MP and Connor
Are we having fun yet?

I figured there would be a program or a playgroup that would offer some coverage during those working days.

Um, no.

Then, yesterday I got an email from DailyWorth’s fearless leader and CEO, Amanda Steinberg:

“My kids are between school and camp this week so I will be bouncing in and out—can someone spell m-a-n-i-c?”

Sadly, Y-E-S.

You may think this is a minor issue. But when local businesses can ignore a nine-day camp gap—in my small town or in Philly, where Amanda lives—that’s not just a sign of poor market research.

It’s emblematic of an issue that dogs us all: insufficient, overpriced, erratic child care choices for working families.

When someone bemoans the lack of women in corporate leadership—currently less than 20% occupy C-suite positions—I feel like screaming: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

All that b.s. about the glass ceiling is just that—until we deal with a few teensy hurdles that put a drag on women’s progress, like, say, our non-existent national maternity leave policy. And the camp gap.

Take a timeout. Do you have child care issues this summer?

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