Great Gifts for a Laid Back Father’s Day


Enough with the aftershave and the golf ball polishers. Today’s hard-working dad needs some serious down time for Father’s Day—and a few toys to help him get the, er, least from every weekend.

Kingpin Chair

Price: $99
Sit down, relax
What’s 5-feet tall, weighs 30 pounds, has six cup holders—and will lull Dad and the kids into summer mellowness? The giant Kingpin chair by On Edge Marketing ($99). Looks like a gag gift, but the Kingpin’s family-size comfort is no joke.
Kelvin Tool

Price: $30
An easy fix
Dad hates it when he can’t find his favorite tool, or the level is lost at the neighbor's. He needs the Kelvin.23, a palm-size toolkit that takes the stress out of hanging pictures and fixing bikes—because it’s all right there, right down to the carbon steel hammer and LED flashlight. All for $30.
Northern Brewer Starter Kit

Price: $120
Brew, baby, brew
Inside every dad lurks a 17-year-old who likes to tinker with chemicals (and blow things up). A more mature, and tasty, outlet: Northern Brewer’s starter kit for becoming the best home-brewer on the block. Kits start at $120, and worth every sip.

Hop on Pop. How are you celebrating the dads in your life this Sunday?

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