Want a New Job? Ditch That Old Email.

Old MailboxCan your Hotmail account sabotage your job hunt?

Over dinner with some tech execs recently, DailyWorth’s CEO Amanda Steinberg got the word:

“If an applicant applies for a job with us and is still using Hotmail or Yahoo for email, they’re immediately eliminated,” one successful CEO said.

Wait—what? An uncool email domain can kill your job prospects?

DailyWorth’s reader responses to Amanda’s Facebook post ranged from, “Never heard that before!” to an office manager who said she doles out “unofficial demerits” to AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail users.

Bottom line: Employers are looking for any reason to cull through reams of job applications, says career coach Cynthia Shapiro, author of What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here.

A Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL email address could signal that you’re not exactly tech-savvy—or not comfortable with change. Gmail (or a personal domain) is considered leading edge.

Want a job? Maybe you need a digital image upgrade.

Gee, mail. Does a rusty email address hurt your image when job-hunting?