Get the Most out of Your Farmers’ Market Haul

Farmer's MarketYou have a fridge full of produce thanks to your CSA membership or a recent (slightly overzealous) trip to the farmers’ market. How do you make sure none of that green goodness—leafy or financial—goes to waste?

Get recipes instantly. Those stalks of ruby rhubarb are so tempting. How do you cook ‘em? Count the ways, using an app like Epicurious (free for iPhone, iPad and Android; $4.99 for Nook Color) or’s DinnerSpinner (free for iPhone and Android), both of which let you search by ingredient.

Join Meatless Mondays. It’s a produce-user and a money-saver: Go meatless one day a week (whether you join the movement or not) and savor terrific non-meat meals like Summer Harvest Ratatouille.

Get pickled. Pickling is a quick and easy way to extend the life of veggies (and fruit too). Plus, pickles work as solo snacks and zingy additions to other dishes. Check out Food & Wine’s Superfast Salt & Sugar Pickles recipe for time-saving, produce-preserving inspiration.

Veg out. How do you get the most out of your farmers’ market splurge?

photo source: HollyRock's shop on etsy

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